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All about blessinyou

The Full Story

I was motivated and intrigued my a fellow professional back in 2010. He played an important role in our MIS efforts for marketing. He used to send all the team members a quote of the day on SMS. These messages got you thinking every morning.

In 2012, When I moved to New Delhi, India and started working for Disney, I missed those morning quotes. I decided to build a contact group and send these morning messages.

While most of the messages I sent in the morning were aggregated from books and the internet, I sometimes put my own personal experiences into these thoughts.

I started actively connecting with professional on linkedin, and realised these morning quotes and thoughts i shared with a few, could be extended across my personal and professional network.

Soon I built a broadcast list on whatsapp and sent these messages every morning to my contact list. I added Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and then built my first blog on 

I realised soon that these aggregated quotes and thoughts left alone, had little or no unique value to offer to people who followed this morning practice. is my personal blog initiative to continue this practice with my thoughts, experiences, stories and feelings around these aggregated thoughts.

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